Wondering WHAT'S NEXT? You've learned how the right foods can make you feel. You've learned how food affects your mood, energy level, sleep, and digestion. You have a wealth of information to help you decide how you want to live your life.  You can apply your new energy and mindfulness to other aspects of your life. 

Since you've already completed my Real Food Challenge, you are eligible for a DISCOUNT for one on one consulting with Karen. This is helpful with people who need extra help, are struggling with a health condition, or need more accountability to reach their health goals. Contact Karen for more information. 

Keep building your primal lifestyle! Food is just one part. 


  • learning a new sport

  •  trying out more natural body care products

  •  making sleep a priority

  •  meditating

  •  starting a garden

  • getting backyard chickens for fresh eggs

  • making your own sauerkraut or kombucha

  • cooking lessons

  • yoga

  • getting more involved with the primal community

  • spending more time outdoors

  • spending more time with loved ones