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This is more than a business opportunity. This is your chance to lend your voice to create positive change in the beauty industry around the world, while earning a potential income. We believe that beauty shouldn’t be a risky business, and we refuse to wait on others to make things better. We want you on our team. Because this time, it’s personal.

Since we’ve launched, tens of thousands of Beautycounter Consultants have joined our movement. There are endless reasons driving Consultants to do this important work. Some have battled illnesses and became educators about using safer products. Others are interested in earning extra money for their families while expressing their passion for safer beauty. And some are inspired by our advocacy work in Washington D.C. All of our Consultants share a common goal of getting safer products into the hands of everyone. Your “why” is sure to be totally unique as well.

Let's chat and see if this opportunity fits with your lifestyle and goals. It's not for everyone, but it may be right for you. I'm currently looking for enthusiastic individuals to join my team. If you're ready to pull the trigger, list me as your mentor so we may work together.  I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully adding your voice to this mission. - Karen Rylander

Want to read a bit more about what it means to become a consultant before contacting me? Please click the button below to learn all about becoming a Beautycounter consultant.