Rooted for growth

Rooted for growth

While my entire industry is made for a surge of business around January with everyone's new year's resolutions, promises of getting back on track, purchases of gym memberships, and downloading of green smoothie recipes, I just wasn't feeling it this year. I didn't want to get in the rush of sending out another program or bombarding you with tips and tricks for starting the new year off "right." What's right anyways?

This isn't a good business model as a nutrition consultant. I should be telling what the right path is and capitalizing on the pressure of the new year. This is my superbowl! It's when I make the majority of my income. But, as I enjoyed some vacation time with my family, I realized I didn't feel the pressure to "get clients" with some new, fancy, change your life in thirty days- type program.  In fact, I didn't want to do any sort of quick fix, New Year, New You program or 30 day Kickstart or anything that felt superficial. Real change takes time. You must be prepared to work and maybe right now isn't the right time for you. I refuse to pressure you into anything. 

If you have a goal of improving your lifestyle by making healthier choices, kudos to you! Don't let me deter you one bit. Maybe right now IS the right time for you. You'll have to decide that. I can only support you if it is.  The good news is that I have a program for that. :)  I've melded all of my previous programs into one signature, three- month, lifestyle- changing program. It isn't a quick fix and you will have to do the work. Each month has a different focus, building on each other with the goal of empowering you to make choices that fall in line with a lifestyle of health. Please check out my website to learn more. I currently have 8 more spots for anyone that wants to begin in January. Otherwise, I'll be accepting new clients for the program in March. Want a reminder to sign up then? Email me. 

On a personal note, January has the double whammy of being the beginning of the new year and is also my birthday month. Usually, I'm all partied out from the holidays, it's cold and dark, and no one really feels like doing anything. This equals a super low key birthday. But, this year is a big one for me. I'm turning 40 on the 12th. 40! I've done some good shower thinking ( I do my best thinking in the shower) on how I feel about this big milestone. The "shoulds" crept in, as in, I should be freaking out. That's what all of the movies tell me!  I should be getting botox and plastic surgery to appear younger. I should be bemoaning my descent into middle age. I should beworried that I don't have any children. I should be hyper focused on maintaining my figure. I should be obsessing over my new wrinkles. I thought about all of these shoulds and found that they simply floated away. None of them stuck.
As I turn forty, I feel a deep sense of calm. I feel deeply rooted in who I am. I know can weather the ups and downs more easily because my roots are deep and strong. I have the bedrock secure so that I can happily let go of ideas, activities, people that don't feel right anymore. I can move forward without the constant worry that used to plague me.  I feel rooted for growth. 

While I continue on with my work as a nutrition consultant, I am also deeply excited to continue working with Beautycounter in 2018. I have some big goals with this aspect of my business and I'm stoked to have another tool for helping people.Beautycounter allows me to not only support a company that is creating safer products, but also build another thriving business where I can help others do the same.
I'm currently expanding my BC team and I take my role as mentor very seriously.  I'm looking for others that believe in our mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone and want to build a successful business. You can do well by doing good.  If  this sounds like you or someone you know, please email me or text 303-909-9200 to set up a phone call or coffee date. 



1. Barre3 classes
With Crossfit not feeling right for me anymore (after 9 years!!), I was very concerned I wouldn't be able to find something I liked. I'm super surprised to say that Barre3 has filled a void for me. It's a combination of yoga, Pilates, and barre that feels just right for my body right now. It' requires me to focus on all of the small muscles and the correct movement patterns. It's really highlighting how out of balance I've been. I feel lighter and more fluid after about 2 months of it. If you're in Denver, I highly recommend the Belleview Station studio. 

2. Beautycounter Countermatch collection
Bio-mimic technology keeps my skin hydrated like magic! Feels super light, but does the job. This is the best my skin has ever felt in winter. 

3. Beautycounter Cleansing balm
This is the oil cleansing method and it feels amazing. The balm melts into your skin, hydrating while removing the junk. So perfect for winter skin.

4. Vital Protein Spirulina
With all of the extra treats and alcohol, I like to make sure I'm protecting my cells with this powerful source of antioxidants.

5. Athleta Sculptek Jeans
Looks like jeans, feels like yoga pants. Has a high rise that I love.

6. DYI leggings
I hadn't heard of this brand before I saw it at my Barre3 studio. I picked up a pair when they had a sale and love how they fit. Plus, they're from my hometown, Houston!

(**not affliated with any of these except Beautycounter)

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