Party Rules! How to Stay On Track This Holiday Season

Party Rules! How to Stay On Track This Holiday Season

The Holidays are here!! That means time to party! It's a wonderful time of year and so much fun celebrating with everyone.  If you're like me, celebrations tend to focus around food. There's homemade cookies around every corner, hot apple cider, hot cocoa, chocolate santas, bourbon by the fire, candy canes on the tree, all the pumpkin things. While all can be fine in moderation, when you're indulging every week, they can add up and leave you feeling grumpy, tired, and a little sick. Wondering how you can navigate all of those holiday parties? Check out these tips: 


1. Eat Before and/or bring something you feel good about eating.

If you’re avoiding sugar this holiday (yay!), make sure you have something you can enjoy and not feel deprived. Check out all of these Sugar Free/Sweetener Free recipes. 


Green Apple and Coconut Bites
Brownie Bites

2. Know your triggers

This is all about knowing yourself and what sends you over the edge. For me, it’s the second glass of wine. I know I can have one, feel relaxed and a little buzzed, but after the second one I immediately want the third and then it’s a slippery slope to demanding my husband find me nachos.

3. Schedule a morning workout

Knowing that you’re committed to meeting your friend for a early morning walk, run, WOD, or spin class keeps your goals top of mind and alleviates much of the- should I or shouldn’t it feelings at parties. Should I have that glass of wine/slice of cake/pizza? Or do I want to feel good for my workout in the morning?

4. Say No!

This is my favorite rule! Holidays can feel overwhelming with obligations. Don’t be afraid to say NO to anything you know will derail you from your goals. I don’t mean be a Grinch, but always put you and your health first, even during the holidays. Being at your best means you are more available for your loved ones.

5. Revisit Your Goals

Before heading out for the evening, take a few minutes to think about or even write down your health/fitness goals you’re working towards. Consider what you eat/drink and how it takes you closer to your goal.

6. Bonus Rule-Have fun!

Holidays are a great time to connect with your tribe and bask in the feeling of community and love. Take time to hug the ones you love and connect in healthy ways. Parties aren’t the only way to connect! Meet your mom for a yoga class. Volunteer with your best friend. Take your dog to his favorite dog park. Carve out some extra time for your significant other. If you are at a party, turn up the music and get the dance floor hopping.

7. Damage Control!
If you do end up tying one on or eat foods that you know don’t work for you, I recommend:

-Activated charcoal, The charcoal binds to any offending particles and takes them out of your gut!

-Coconut water with a pinch of sea salt to restore electrolytes

-Nutrient dense foods- try a pressed juice or a green smoothie

-Nap- when in doubt, sleep it off. Time heals.

Do you have any tips that work for you? Share in the comments! 

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