Spring Happenings!

Dr. Chris and I have been out in the community this Spring helping people along their path to wellness. We love connecting with our community! We believe in the holistic approach to health meaning we look at all aspects of our lives to achieve wellness. That is why at our office at Advanced Spine Rehab Center, we offer chiropractic, nutrition, and massage therapies. Interacting in your community is also an important part of wellness. This past month, we were a part of the Denver Paleo Pop Up at Front Range Crossfit and 9 News Health Fair at the Convention Center. Our topic at the health fair was Stress. One of my favorite topics! Chronic stress has devastating effects on your body. Many people don't realize that stress can come from many different sources like food sensitivities, environmental toxins, and spinal misalignment. It's important to actively seek ways to reduce your stress wherever you can.

At the office, we hosted Clara from RevolutionaryLifestyle to discuss gut health and Dr. Missy Albrecht to show us how to mobilize our guts. Cutting edge information! We also got to chat with the lovely ladies of KO Alliance, an awesome group of women entrepreneurs in the health and fitness industry. 

It wouldn't be a Colorado spring without a huge snow storm followed by perfect hiking weather. I hope you're geared up for the warmer weather and ready to tackle all of your adventures. I know I am!

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