Swimmin' with Your Boots On: 4 Ways to Find Energy Now

Kick off Those Boots

You are not a machine.

News? Not exactly, but sometimes we get caught in the quantitative world of numbers, measurement, targets, fueling up, getting better, performance, output, etc., that are analogs from the world of machines. Great fun, right, except that we're living beings with amazing self-renewing abilities that our mechanical tools can't fully mimic. We are able to kick off our boots and release the drag of inertia and entropy on our energy system. Instead of adding more food, caffeine, exercise, or even sleep, we can find immediate vitality by tapping inner resources available to us humans almost any time.


1. Smile

I hope that heading made you laugh, or at least smile. The physical act of smiling is a subset of the laughter-is-the-best-medicine school of self-help. When I smile, I almost always feel more relaxed and kinder to myself, and to others. The body responds with a cascade of good feelings. In your deepest moments of self-concern, give yourself the gift of a physical, there-on-your-face, smile. A fresh breeze of energy and hope will follow.

2. Power Nap

This is a very different animal than your hours logged in at night. There are all kinds of testimonies to the power nap and the science to go along with them. You owe it to yourself to learn this art form. By letting go of concern so completely that you drop into sleep, you allow inertia in the form of tension to dissipate from your system. It's an act of trust in life that repays you many times over. Whether you kick your boots off or not is up to you.

3. Meditation

I have a very simple definition of meditation: the act of letting everything be as it is. Or, the practice of having no problem. A big part of the mind's job is to search out and find solutions for problems. It doesn't relate to contentment because then it would be a nobody out of a job. No problem. Let it be out of a job, at least for a while. Talk about an energy saver. The best thing is that it takes no time at all to let everything be as it is and have no problem. It's like a power nap but you're wide awake and completely at ease.  A very interesting combination - at ease and awake - that is powerfully restorative.

4. Releasing Limiting Beliefs

I saved this for last because it can seem the hardest. Limiting beliefs are our biggest, most favorite boots. No way are we going to let them float off downstream, never to be seen again. Those boots are me. But unquestioned beliefs about our inadequacy, victimhood, separation, or superiority are major lockups of our energy. Unlike a machine though, we're not bound by our programming; we can change merely by being curious. We can ask, "Is that really true? What would it be like if I didn't believe that thought?" Set your energy free by these simple questions. (If you're interested, check out Byron Katie's work for more direction.)




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