No-Bonk Travel


Eating for Energy on the Go

Whether you fly red-eye special or first class, if you go very far, you'll finally have to eat, and that can be a dilemma. Since I travel up to three months a year, I've had the incentive to find out how to keep energized so I can deal with the many surprises that lurk when you leave home. The tension of air travel can be draining, but I've learned that the fatigue I used to feel was due more to poor food choices than to the environment itself. Frozen yogurt, anyone? Pizza? DietCoke? 

Take It with You

My big strategy is home cooking. If mealtime coincides with your flight, pack a real picnic, just like you pack your suitcase. Don't be shy now. Sure, you won't be like your seat mate eating pretzels and Pepsi, but your body will be so grateful. The trick is the right container. I recommend the Oxo leakproof plastic box in either the 2.8 or 3.3 cup size. Pick one that fits your handbag or backpack and fill it with nutrient-dense selections. Bonus points for using it as a to-go box at the restaurant that evening. Leftovers stashed in the hotel fridge can get you through a lean patch.

Learn to Go a Little Hungry

This was a real hard one for me until I got confidence in controlling my blood sugar by better food choices. If I avoid sugar, bread, and sweet fruits, and eat enough fat, I don't crash when I get hungry and start compounding the problem with easy, fast carbs. The kind of steady energy I have on the Primal food plan is a huge incentive to stay the course while traveling by staying away from kryptonite foods that deplete instead of nourish. 

Shepherd's lunch in Sardinia

Shepherd's lunch in Sardinia

Fine-tune Your Travel Pantry

There's only so much fresh food you can take with you, so it's good to have a backup kit of bars, nuts, no-grain crackers (I recommend Lydia's Green Crackers), teas, high-cacao-mass chocolate (hard to find at the airport shops, although Godiva makes one), good-quality instant coffee, and other portables. Foods like nut butters in bulk can't go through security, so take the small packets or stash a jar in your checked luggage, if you have it. Most of all, take your best asset - a good attitude and awareness of the rewards of treating your body right. That includes relaxing with whatever the local circumstances bring. You'll be glad you did, as you enjoy your hard-won vacation or do your best at your big meeting.





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