Top 5 Paleo Bars

Almost every trip to the grocery store, I'll take a few minutes and check out the energy bar aisle. Man, oh man! Do we love convenience or what?? I think we are obsessed with these things. There are so many, it can be overwhelming. I understand the need for convenience, so I went through them all for you! Here are my top 5 recommendations. Real Food only! (ALWAYS READ THE LABEL before you buy any type of bar.)

1. EPIC Bar

Grass-fed beef and bison

Excellent source of quality protein

Softer than jerky, but same idea. Some people don't like the texture, but I love it. 

Small amount of sugar added

Cool branding, in my opinion

2. Tanka

Bison (currently using 75% grass fed, working towards 100%)

Nicely balanced flavors. Slightly different texture from Epic bars

Small amount of sugar added

Good balance of protein and carbs (from the cranberries)

3. Yamp

No sugar added, sweetened with dates only

Nuts and seeds, majority are organic

Good source of quality fat

Good balance of fat, carbs, and protein

4. Exo

Super sustainable source of protein

Has added sugar (honey)

Please note that the Peanut Butter and Jelly flavor is not paleo (contains oats and peanut butter)

Fairly good balance of macros, higher in carbs 

Worked with world renowned chef 

5. Gather

No added sugars, sweetened with dates only

Good source of quality fats, including omega 3s

The texture can be a little tough, but I really like the unique flavors

Use Himalayan pink salt or Bolivian rose salt

Some organic ingredients

Compostable packaging

Honorable mentions

Simple Squares

I love these for their unique flavors, like sage 

Added sugar, honey

All organic

Taste fantastic

I like their packaging

RX Bar

No added sugars, sweetened with dates

Added egg whites for protein

Higher in carbs

Texture is pretty dense, which is the main reason it's not a top 5

Please note that the peanut butter one is not paleo

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