Elimination: Letting Go of What's Holding You Back

Sludge, sloth, bloat, excess, fluff, overkill, TMI, baggage - pick your word; they all add up to the same thing. Our system isn't functioning at its optimum and needs to eliminate something to return to a state of healthy homeostasis. We talk about cutting back, detoxing, relaxing, dieting, cleansing, getting on an exercise program, and cleaning up our act. 

Living Lean

Even as the ranks of the obese have swelled, there is an ongoing cultural fascination with images of muscular and lean bodies, or just skinny ones. There is a plethora of social and scientific advice on how and what to eat, how and when to exercise, how to eliminate the sludge that accumulates so easily in the modern lifestyle. Can we turn back the tide of toxins and stressors that burden our systems? How do we learn to live lean again?

Although we often focus on the physical side, being able to negotiate the world of excess information and choice is just as important for our health and happiness. What is my time worth as I stand in the aisle trying to decide which toothpaste to buy? What portion of my life do I choose to give to the virtual world? Am I able to "lean out" my mental sphere so I have time to explore the natural world, go on adventures, and strengthen friendships?

What's holding you back?

Do you have your own vision for living lean? Part of mine is letting go of the belief that circumstances are holding me back. I'm in the process of eliminating that notion from my thought-diet. Lightness of being requires dropping the burden of constantly buying into limiting beliefs, worries, and negativity. Yes, I'm always wanting to be leaner physically, but my real intent is to fine-tune my ability to distinguish what actually makes me happy from what social pressure says I need. I'm eliminating the bloat and fluff from my primal wisdom so all my systems can run more optimally.


Verona Rylander is a psychotherapist with a degree from Naropa University in Boulder, CO. She grew up on grass fed beef and organic vegetables in Paris, TX and has a long history of curiosity about health, food, nutrition, cooking, and beyond. She's here to offer a broader perspective on Primal Living, changing habits, willpower, body image, and importance of your thoughts. 


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