5 Ways Going Primal Can Help You Lean Out

1. Less Inflammation

Removing problematic foods that you could be reacting to like grains and dairy dramatically reduces inflammation. Since the body protects itself with fluid, reducing inflammation allows you to lose that excess water weight and you'll look and feel less puffy.

2. Less hungry

Nourishing the body with quality protein, good fats, and unrefined carbohydrates keeps you more satisfied. Without the big spikes in blood sugar from consuming simple carbs, you'll be less hungry, more focused, and have more energy. 

3. Balanced hormones

Eating nutrient-dense foods regularly, getting outside in the sunshine, moving your body, and getting good sleep helps send the right signals to your body. These signals are called hormones- like cortisol, insulin, melatonin, testosterone, estrogen- and they control everything including weight gain

4. More energy

Without the highs and crashes of sugary foods, you can enjoy more energy throughout the day. Eating balanced, real-food meals allow for slower digestion so you don't crash later. Better sleep and less stress also perk you up. With more energy, you'll feel up for taking a walk, hitting the gym, or playing with your kids. 

5. Less stress

The Go Primal lifestyle is all about reducing chronic stress. Stress comes in many forms: processed foods stress our digestive system, sugar stresses our immune system, traffic stress, financial stress, stress from toxins, mental stress. Our body reacts the same way to all of these stressors. Chronic stress leads to hormone imbalance, immune suppression, weight gain, loss of sex drive, and chronic disease. Supplying the body with whole, nutrient dense foods, removing inflammatory foods, getting enough sleep, taking time for fun, pleasure and gratitude, and moving the body all reduce stress. 

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