5 Easy Changes To Make Today

1. Ditch Canola Oil

One of the best changes you can make, is to get rid of rancid, damaged cooking fats to reduce inflammation in the body. Number 1 is canola oil. Check all the labels of anything in your pantry. You may be surprised how many items contain this rancid fat. Check out this video keeping in mind that heat and processing damages the fat making it inflammatory to the body. 


2. Eat Breakfast

This is the easiest way to keep your blood sugar balanced throughout the day. Balanced blood sugar means even energy, less mood swings, and less fat storage. 

3. Go For a Walk

Your body is made to move! Moving is important right down to your cells. Exercise is vital, but moving your body throughout the day is key. Head out for a walk a couple times of day in addition to your exercise routine.  

4. Get in Bed at 10pm

Your body has a natural, hormonal fluctuation throughout the day. Cortisol perks you up, melatonin calms you down and there is a natural cycle your body follows. If you're still up, you'll most likely get another spike of cortisol (wake up!) around 11pm. 

5. Take 5 Deep Breaths

Before consuming any food, do this to signal your body to get ready to receive food. If you're stressed, your body is not focused on digestion and you will not assimilate your food as efficiently. Taking time to focus on your food will help with digestion.

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