Butter for Your Coffee? The Old Newest Thing

Butter for Your Coffee? The Old Newest Thing

About a month ago, I purposefully had only a cup of coffee for breakfast - and nothing bad happened. Let me be a little more accurate. I only had a cup of coffee with a spoonful of butter whirred into it. What could be less primal than caffeine, dairy, and no breakfast? I'm all over the morning meal and used to drink nothing but decaf, yet there I was changing things up, just to see if Dave Asprey is right and I could learn something new about my relationship to coffee.

If you're a sucker for good stories and people who like to experiment on themselves, check him out at bulletproofexec.com. I've followed his blog with interest for a few years but hadn't had the guts to try his coffee routine, which he gradually perfected after once being revived by butter tea in Nepal.  

  • What happens if I do X?

Experimentation is a key element of primal living.  It's the opposite of running on autopilot and requires paying attention to what may be small details, like how do I feel after I eat? What happens if I do X? Can a small change make a big difference? You don't know until you try.  Start with considered recommendations, such as those here at Go Primal, but learn to fine-tune with your own n=1 clinical trials and observations.

What I discovered was that Bulletproof coffee really agrees with me. As the last drop goes down, I begin to get a rush from the caffeine but then the butter kicks in, and it's like I've just shifted into high-gear cruise mode with a steady, all-morning burn. I use the best coffee I can find, grass-fed butter, and a spoon of Dave's medium-chain-triglyceride (MCT) oil, to improve the odds of excellent results. Sometimes that's all I need, and other times I'll add in a couple of eggs if I'm hungry.  

  • See what works for you.

If you want to try out butter coffee for yourself, I suggest taking advantage of Asprey's research  and well-honed bulletproof coffee recipe to get the best set-up for your personal explorations. Maybe even butter can't make coffee fit your system, but then again, maybe it can. 

Let us know how your test turns out.


Verona Rylander is a psychotherapist with a degree from Naropa University in Boulder, CO. She grew up on grass fed beef and organic vegetables in Paris, TX and has a long history of curiosity about health, food, nutrition, cooking, and beyond. She's here to offer a broader perspective on Primal Living, changing habits, willpower, body image, and importance of your thoughts. 


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