What's Your Toxic Load?

 I write about nutrition and what you can do to feel better; but it goes beyond just the food you eat. There are many other factors to consider. I know what you’re thinking, I don’t need something else to worry about! But, when you’re ready… take the time to think about this. 

What sort of toxins are you exposed to on a daily basis? I know you’ve reduced your intake of lectins by removing grains, and minimized your preservative/chemical intake by avoiding processed foods. And I know you’re eating local and/or organic produce to lessen your pesticide intake. But, what about everything else in your environment? Have you considered what else you might do to reduce your exposure? The less toxins assaulting your body the freer it is to fight all the other enemies.

In the holistic nutrition world, we talk about this concept of “toxic load.” Food and nutrition are only one part of our overall wellness.  Things like your environment, cleaning products, car fumes, and tainted drinking water all contribute to our overall toxic load or the total sum of toxins your body is fighting. Everything adds up and sometimes exposure to one more toxin can tip you over the edge to where you’re sensitive to multiple things.

There are some factors we can’t control, which is why I make sure I reduce as many toxins as I can with the things I can control. An easy way to do this? Check those body care products. Everything you put on your skin is as important as what you eat.

The other day I received this free sample of moisturizer. Like most people, I thought, yay, something free! I washed my face and opened the sample. The lotion was blue. I flipped over the packet and began to read the ingredients list.


First of all, I don’t know what half the words mean. I do know what hydrolyzed soy flour is and sure as hell don’t want it smeared on my face. All I can think about is I would be rubbing GMOs all over me. Gross. I hesitated a moment and then threw the packet in the trash.

I stumbled upon a new skin care company a few years ago called Primal Life Organics. I ordered the primal face wash and moisturizer. All of the ingredients are organic and gluten-free and she makes the products fresh when you order. Here’s what the face wash ingredients look like:



Hey! I know all of those words. I had no hesitation and started using it immediately. My skin feels happy; yes, happy. It likes this stuff. My skin feels nourished and smooth. No preservatives, no blue #1, no soy flour… It’s like I say, Eat Real Food. When looking at your body care products, Choose Real Food. Choose products where you understand the label. Just like when you read a food label.

Want more information on reducing your toxic load? Check out the environmental working group’s website.

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