Top 14 Rules for Eating Well

I’ve talked to many people who want help eating well. As we all know, it takes much more than the desire to make this a reality. It is a struggle, just like getting through a Crossfit workout is a struggle. But, we get through those every day, right? So, you can definitely make the commitment to eat well, too. Everyone needs help, so I compiled a list of some of my own tactics I wanted to share.

1. Plan, plan, plan. Eating well won’t just happen.  You must make the commitment and plan your meals.  

2. Shop on the perimeters. Forget about the interior of the grocery store. It’s all processed food. Hit up the produce and meat department on the perimeter of the store.

3. Rethink Snacking.  You want to eat nutrient rich foods at all times, even snack times. Forget about low-calorie popcorn. How is that feeding your body? Think scaled down meals for snacks.

4. Involve your family, partner, or roommate. Do it together. It’s much easier that way.

5. Think about ordering shares of a local CSA or Door to Door organics delivery service.

6. Make farmers market a weekly outing. It’s fun! The produce not only tastes better, it’s better for you and the environment.

7. Become a fan of leftovers. Make last night’s dinner today’s lunch.

8. Keep good things in the house. I eat what’s in my fridge; hence, I only fill it with things that are good for me. Then there’s no temptation. This is especially important when you come home tired from work, eyeing the fast cooking pasta.

9. Consider asking for help. At CrossFit the coaches push us to train hard. Do you also need someone there pushing you to eat well?  Consider hiring a nutrition consultant- like me!- to keep you in line.

10. Take a cooking class

11. Read those labels! If you must buy processed food, be sure to read the label. You’d be surprised how much sugar is added to most things.

12. Give yourself a break. Don’t worry if you don’t eat well all the time. Eating well takes time and a personal commitment.  Shoot to eat well 70-80% of the time.

13. Start slow if you need it. This is your life, not a 30 day challenge. This week add fresh spinach to your eggs, next, cut out sugar. Then, work on cutting out grains.  Find the right balance for you.  

14. Plan your cheat days- If you’re going to cheat, why not make sure it’s with the best ingredients possible? Rosemary foccacia from Denver Bread Company, fresh thin crust pizza from Marcos, Haystack local goat cheese, Red Trolley ice cream…

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