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"For years I struggled with weight gain, low energy, mood swings, skin issues like keratosis pilaris, and bouts of anxiety and depression. In 2008, I discovered and adopted the primal lifestyle and things started to shift. It made sense, unlike so many "diets" I had tried. I slowly found increased energy, better body composition, greater concentration, and more balanced moods. I knew I had to share this information! Go Primal by Karen is dedicated to helping us all get and stay healthy so we can live our dreams and change our world day by day." - Karen

Go Primal by Karen is a nutrition consulting venture helping people learn about and adopt a Primal diet and lifestyle - a lifestyle that is innate, vital, and essential. It works with how our bodies evolved. Do you feel fatigued, stress-out, bloated, over weight, or simply not like yourself? Learn to work with your body! Learn to uncover your innate health. We're designed to be strong, vibrant, and energetic. Modern lifestyles disrupt that plan and compromise our primal resilience. Get back to the basics of how our bodies were built by nature to thrive.           

 We suffer from a mismatch between how our bodies are designed and how we are living in the modern world. It's this mismatch that can cause problems and lead to disease. The Go Primal lifestyle works to repair this mismatch.  We're designed to by healthy and strong. Feel that way again by taking the primal approach to wellness.

Should I make the leap to Go Primal?              Yes! The Primal approach restores our connection with the primary building blocks of a healthy life.  We're all different and the kind of results we get varies, so we can't guarantee a particular outcome for you, but we're including some feedback below from people we've worked with before, so you can get an idea of how Go Primal has worked for others. 

The... [Go Primal Kickstart] was a great experience for me. It made me look at food differently, and made me realize just what an impact food had on your body. Eating real food and balanced meals made me have a consistent energy level though out the day and made me sleep so much better than I have. I even lost 8 pounds in the four weeks without counting one calorie...just eating real food!
— Katy F.
Not only will I say that I never hesitate to refer Karen, but I actively look for opportunities to do so. And with good reason. I struggled for so long, thought I was doing everything right, but the results were not there. Best part though, when I finally did approach Karen with my request, it was so easy!

Karen is a friend from the gym, always willing to offer advice. When I decided to give her a try, I asked her to prepare foods for me, and to help advise me. The results were incredible! I was finally able to lean out, without bonking too!

Give her a try, you will be pleased. After all, she made a wonderful transformation herself, and now enjoys helping other do the same. Love ya Karen, thanks!
— Pete M.

Primal living isn’t about returning to the past.

It’s about joining what we know about how we evolved with new, scientific breakthroughs in nutrition and how the body works. Old style nutrition told us to eat the Standard American Diet. Now, chronic illnesses like obesity, auto-immune conditions, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease are at an all-time high. However, important new studies, such as those on sugar, fat, gluten, and other aspects of nutrition, are challenging these old views. 

Are you dissatisfied with current nutritional guidelines and ready to try a different way? 
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(We're all amazingly individual, your results may be different.)

I did Karen’s 30-day Real Food Challenge in January and thoroughly enjoyed it. She was always readily available to answer my questions and had an uncanny ability to proactively send information out that focused on things I was struggling with every step of the way. Not only that, but I actually saw some amazing results and have been able to maintain them ever since.
She’s a wealth of information, is easy to work with and is a badass CrossFitter. I find myself chasing her on the boards all the time! I would highly recommend her if you’re looking to make some sense of your nutrition, start eating healthier and feeling great!
— Rebecca C.
My growth in the gym would not have been possible without your insight and advice. I was hesitant to go all paleo. But you made it easy. Thank you for helping me make positive choices to change my life.
— Shawn G.
Karen came into our office to do a nutritional lecture. She presented the material in an exciting way that kept everyone’s interest. She was able to give a general overview that everyone could understand while giving good reasons and research behind what she was saying. Whereby some people come across as pushy with their nutritional views, Karen was the opposite; the way she provided the information left everyone receptive… Karen definitely left an impact! We would have her back anytime she would be willing.
— Tara, WPX Energy
The challenge made me much more aware of what I was buying in the grocery and eating…
Even after the 30 day challenge, I find myself refusing to eat bread, grains, Canola oils, yogurt. I won’t order a sandwich when I go out, rather, just get the meat and veggies. I’ll forgo a pasta meal and chose a salad.
I read labels on everything and will make a decision to eat it only if there are 5 or fewer ingredients.
The Paleo challenge really changed my eating habits. I didn’t personally lose any weight at all, but then I still had dark chocolate and I will have hot chocolate made with milk. I find I crave fruit much more often and haven’t had a candy bar in months!
— Ellen B
I’ve been doing mostly Paleo for a couple of years and didn’t believe I needed a spreadsheet to know how to eat or a group to help me change my behavior. Luckily, I signed up for the Real Food Challenge anyway, and in just one week learned a lot about the power of support and commitment if you really intend to change.
Eight months ago food tests showed I was reactive to yogurt, but I couldn’t believe it was really hurting me. When I started the RFC, I knew it was time to see what would happen if I just quit. Within three days my gut was thanking me. And I was thankful for Karen and a group of fellow experimenters who inspired me to pay attention to my goals day by day. Now, I have my own data and am not so willing to pretend I don’t know what I know.
The RFC is not a free ride; you actually have to follow the program, but if you’re ready to get real and break out of old habits, I can definitely recommend the Go Primal by Karen program. It’s a great value. Karen is right there to answer questions, respond to your food log, and connect you with others who are making the switch to real food.
— Verona R.