What is Primal Living?



Primal means essential, vital, and innate.

It's the essence of what makes life tick. Mother Nature has been working a long time to evolve a template to link our bodies and minds with the natural world in a healthy way. Going Primal means learning about and working with that plan so we, and the world we live in, can be at our best.

Primal living isn’t about returning to the past. It’s about joining what we know about how we evolved with new, scientific breakthroughs in nutrition and how the body works. Old style nutrition told us to eat the Standard American Diet. That line of thinking has made us prone to obesity, auto-immune conditions, type 2 diabetes, and many other chronic diseases. The good news is that we can change that. Important new studies on fat, gluten, and sugar are upending these old "truths" and offering findings that can be applied immediately for a better life.


Primal Living is a set of best practices for contemporary living that is in tune with our evolution as humans. Karen and her staff at Go Primal are developing a model for personal environments that help their inhabitants be at their prime and thrive at all levels. They want to show you how to create your own Primal Living Center, a home base to launch you toward your dreams and goals.


Essentials for Primal Living

1. Eat Real Food

Real food, unadulterated by industrialized, lab-made ingredients, is the foundation of health. The best way to make sure you're eating real food is to make it yourself from the best sources you can find. The kitchen is at the heart of the house and at the heart of primal living. Having a good, or even great, friendship with your kitchen is Job One. Without proper nourishment, your body cannot function properly. The human body can endure much and survive on many different ways of eating. But at Go Primal we're interested in thriving, not just surviving. If you want support making the transition to real food, sign up for the Go Primal Kickstart


2. Get Sleep

Primal Living means you're also good friends with sleep. If you’re eating well, exercising, and still not hitting your health goals, lack of sleep may be the culprit. Research shows over and over that 7-9 hours a night is optimal. As we sleep, our body works to repair muscles, boost our immune system, regulate hormones, and organize our memories. Sleep deprivation puts us at a disadvantage on many fronts. Make sure your home helps you get the sleep you need.


3. Eat with ease

You've gone to significant effort to gather and prepare the best food you can. Make the most of it by really dining. Modern fast food mentality says grab and go, don't pay attention to your fuel, just get it down so you can move on. Primal living recognizes that the environment, both inner and outer, in which we consume our food directly effects how it is digested and assimilated. Eating mindlessly or under stress can compromise the value of the food you ingest. One suggestion? Take 2-3 deep breaths and consciously relax before that first bite. Slow down and savor each bite.


4. Personal Care

Adopting a primal approach to personal care doesn't mean looking like a cave man or woman. It does mean taking a critical look at products we use on our bodies and in our home. Luckily it's no longer hard to find nontoxic personal care products that make sense in our personal Primal Living Center. At Go Primal we also include stress management in the realm of personal care. If possible try to find some area of your home that is a refuge for restoration. Learn to meditate to rejuvenate your clarity and creativity by relieving stress.


5. Move Your Body

Our bodies were made to move. All aspects of health are connected to the natural, primal ability and need to move. We've been taught to think that the reason to move your body is to burn calories, but that is a very limited understanding. Studies show that sitting for hours at a time is in itself detrimental, no matter how much we exercise after work. We are an intricate symphony of inter-relating processes, all of which depend to some degree on the physical action of movement. Make movement a vital and joyful part of your life, whether it's dancing, walking, gardening, or sports and gym workouts. If you have a sedentary job, set a timer and regularly take a short movement break.  


6. Spend Time Outdoors

What is it that's so special about actually being out in a natural setting? Why have humans around the world regularly incorporated parks and wilderness areas into their view of a healthy life and society? Along with (hopefully) fresh air and an appropriate amount of sunlight, the outdoors offers play, adventure, and exploration. It helps keep our senses keen and awake. The primal life is about staying awake to essential instincts and skills that make up our human capacities. It's about being in touch with the natural world that we evolved to live in.  Finding ways to overcome the inertia of indoor life (e.g. being a couch potato and computer junkie) is a mission of Go Primal. 




7. Connect with Community

Humans are social animals and can fail to thrive when they feel isolated and alone. Community is actually the smallest unit of health, so making family, friends, and community a high value is important if we want to foster our well-being.

One of the aspects of community that primal living shines a spotlight on is the links we all have with how and where our food is grown. We support the groundswell of interest in local, organic and non-GMO foodstuffs.

The idea of a Primal Living Center includes a direct connection with growing food, whether in your own yard or at a local farm or community garden. 

"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, you need one." Jane Howard.