Karen Rylander, Certified Nutrition Consultant

Karen earned a B.A. in anthropology from University of Colorado-Boulder in 2000.  She studied at Cook Street Cooking School in Denver, CO and received her professional food and wine certification in 2007. Karen started her own paleo food delivery service at her gym called, The Primal Kitchen. After that venture, she worked as a paleo personal chef in Denver. Karen also worked with Paleo On The Go as their head chef and nutrition consultant. After adopting a primal-type diet in 2009 and finding great health improvements, she attended Bauman College in Boulder, CO to receive her certification as a nutrition consultant in 2011. She has been working with clients since then, helping them learn what foods to eat, how to cook them, and how to find greater health and vitality.  "I am passionate about real food and its power to heal. I believe that our health is the most precious gift. We need to support our body so we can enjoy life, pursue our passions, and have fun."  

Partner with Dr. Chris Keirnan at Advanced Spine Rehab Center

In 2016, Dr. Chris Keirnan and Karen Rylander, Certified Nutrition Consultant teamed up! Their practice is called Advanced Spine Denver and it's a comprehensive wellness environment designed to support you and your health goals. Dr. Chris specializes in  a technique called Chiropractic biophysics that focuses on correcting and restoring the spine back to alignment. Along with chiropractic care they receive, Karen supports patients nutritional needs with her ancestral health approach, focusing on reducing inflammation, gut health, and nutrient-dense foods. Together they're changing people's lives!

Sr. Consultant with Beautycounter

Karen's latest passion includes getting safer skin care into the hands of everyone! She started using Beautycounter when she went looking for a safer sunscreen. They have a great non-nano zinc oxide formula that goes on clear. "I live the Go Primal lifestyle, but I also want skin care products and cosmetics that really work. I went super crunchy for awhile relying only on coconut oil and essential oils. While they did work, they could also be a pain to travel with or make all the time. Plus, there just wasn't a mascara or eye liner that really worked for me. I also wanted a safer sunscreen that would go onto my skin clear.  This is when I found BEAUTYCOUNTER. I tried their sunscreen and loved it. From there I swapped out my mascara, eye-liner, night cream, and hair spray.  I had found the missing link in my Go Primal lifestyle! "-Karen