The Go Primal Kickstart Program:

It's time to rejoin the tribe. 

The GPK (Go Primal Kickstart) is a 28-day interactive, online introduction to the Go Primal Lifestyle. The goal is to empower you to make better individual health choices. Do you want to lose that bloated feeling, optimize digestion, boost energy, and get back on track? YES? Then, the Kickstart is the right program for you.

The program focuses on eating unprocessed, nutrient-dense, real foods, prioritizing sleep, minimizing stress, moving your body, and having fun! 

Ditch the processed, inflammatory junk to help reset your body. Learn what it feels like to be able to find your innate health.  Rejoin the tribe of healthy, happy, vibrant people! The program is directed by Karen Rylander, a Certified Nutritional Consultant. 

In this unique program, you will: 

  • log meals, movement, sleep, and mood on your own online spreadsheet

  • get back weekly personalized comments from Karen, so you can stay on track

  • learn how to avoid the blood sugar roller coaster and prepare balanced meals  

  • get a meal plan, shopping list, and my support

  • receive weekly emails with important information, inspiration, and direction

  • gain access to the Kickstart Portal with valuable education material

The goal of the Kickstart Program is to EMPOWER you to take control of your health. By the end, you'll discover the connection between what you're eating and how you're feeling. This is critical information most people simply don't have. They don't take the time to listen to their bodies and consider what foods they're eating. Once you have this, you have the power, knowledge and experience to say, Yes, I want to eat this food. Or No, that food or food-like substance makes me feel like *&$%# and it's not worth it. I want you to discover what foods make YOU feel the best. I will help unlock your innate health

HOW DOES IT WORK? What Will I Learn?

I designed the Go Primal Kickstart with your success in mind. From my own experience and working with others, I've found there are three areas vital to making a lifestyle change: education, accountability, and community. There is no quick fix. You must put in the time in order to really change.  

  • Week 1: Get Ready.  You'll gain access to educational information. Week 1 includes What to Eat/What to Avoid pdfs, my 2-week meal plan, recipes, grocery list, and your log. You'll learn important steps to set yourself up for real change. You'll start logging your meals, energy levels, mood, movement, and sleep.

  • Weeks 2-3: Get Real.  Take the plunge into only eating Real Food, while continuing to log. You'll have private access to additional content developed just for the Kickstart program. This includes how to build a balanced plate, avoiding the blood sugar roller coaster, why no dairy, why we avoid grains, and the truth about fat. 

  • Week 4: Go Primal.  Learn about other important aspects of the Go Primal lifestyle including the importance of sleep, what foods to add back in, reducing your toxic load, and practical tips for the Go Primal lifestyle. You'll continue to log.

  • At the close of the program, you'll have an opportunity to become part of the Go Primal community and continue to receive discounts, news, and inspiration.