2018 Recap

2018 Recap

One of my favorite pics of 2018. We visited Telluride this Fall and caught all of the leaves changing.

One of my favorite pics of 2018. We visited Telluride this Fall and caught all of the leaves changing.

SEE YA, 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do Barre3, meditating, Beautycounter, Athletic Greens, and marriage all have in common? Looking back at 2018, I can see they all helped me improve in different ways and had the biggest impact on my health.

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As I look back on my health and wellness path this year, I feel content. I finally, fully committed to leaving Crossfit behind (for now.) I had been moving that way for the past couple of years, but this year I was finally able to let go of that part of my identity. For one, I have much more in my life now. I get to build a relationship with my husband, create a good life for our dog, Ginger, and work like crazy to make all of my businesses grow. Before, Crossfit WAS THE THING. It was my whole life. Secondly, I was able to find another form of exercise that is challenging, though in a completely different way. It’s pretty much the complete opposite of CF. I mean, they don’t ever want us to use our traps! Barre3 (not to be confused with other barre classes out there) and specifically Barre3 in Belleview allowed me to recognize what my body needed this year. It forced me to slow down, way down, and take a hard look at this bag of bones of mine. Not in an aesthetic way, but in the physical way, like how did my body really feel? This year I learned to hold poses until I shake and then hold some more. From Crossfit, I knew that I could do hard things so, I wasn’t scared to push myself. But, I was shocked how hard it was and still is. I love it and highly recommend this sort of practice.


It was a year of readjustment, settling in, and finding myself very happy and content. On the personal side, Chris and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary and our 3 year anniversary of working together. Working with your spouse is no joke, but I’m happy to report we made it through and want to continue. :) Not surprising to anyone, it’s all about communication and managing expectations. Working together + being married is like putting your whole relationship on speed while being under a microscope at the same time. You get to see all aspects your partner’s personality and how you interact with all of those aspects. It’s not always positive and I’ve definitely seen parts of my personality I need to smooth out. I’ve also learned that when I give myself room to be wrong and fail, I’m able to give my partner that same grace. That makes for a much happier household!

Working together is a bit of a pressure cooker situation and there’s really nothing else to do except make it work. There is the struggle and then there’s the rest…which if fun! It’s amazing to feel the solidarity of working towards a common goal, the necessity of trusting each other, and the deep drive to do my best for both of us. I’m rooting for our team and love what we’re doing together. Building a life with my husband that includes a shared business has made me happier than I’ve been in a really long time and I can’t think of a better improvement to my health than happiness.

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Let’s talk about meditating. It’s always been one of those things. I want to do it, but not really. I know that it will help, but something always held me back. I downloaded the app and everything. I did the free trial and then… nothing. A few months ago, we started doing breath work at the end of our barre3 classes. It’s 5 minutes of being completely still, focusing on breathing. Guess what, it’s meditating. I didn’t even know I was doing it! I’ve had time to reflect and I’ve noticed a big change in my anxiety levels since starting the breath work. I automatically take deep cleansing breaths when I start to feel anxious. I feel more Zen in general and I’m actually really surprised by it. It’s great!


I know I’m a nutritionist, but I’ve always struggled with getting in enough greens, especially in the morning. I like to eat eggs and that’s all I make time for in the morning. It’s always been a goal of mine to get greens in, in the morning. Guess, what? I’m FINALLY doing it!! Chris researched a company called Athletic Greens (I’m not affiliated with them) after Tim Ferris recommended their product in his book. He ordered the powder and we’ve been taking it every day since. My digestion has been on point since I started taking it and I feel great. This is an all-in-one nutritional supplement from whole food sources with probiotics, prebiotics, adaptogens, liver supportive herbs, minerals (including folate, not folic acid, so it’s more bioavailable), and tons of green things. It’s not cheap, but it’s legit.

How has my safer skincare business with Beautycounter affected my health this year? This is all stems from connection and purpose. Community is one of my Go Primal tenets for health and wellness. We all need to feel a sense of purpose and a connection to community to be at our best and feel well. It goes back to how we evolved. We needed to be a part of a tribe in order to survive. Building a Beautycounter business has given me a whole new tribe! Deciding to start another business last year seemed a little daunting. But working to get safer skincare into the hands of everyone fits into my life seamlessly. Beautycounter’s commitment to creating safer products that work beautifully while being totally transparent about all ingredients AND business practices melded with my own values. They care about helping people and the planet while also creating a business opportunity that is incredible. It’s hard work and I love it. It’s work that fills me up because I get to work with a larger community of like-minded women while earning money to support my own family. I get to support people’s health by giving them a solution to the problem of finding safer beauty products. I love having a practical solution! Why not switch to a mascara that is made without harmful products? It’s a no-brainer. Switching to healthier foods? Now that gets tricky. :)

I’d love to hear about your health and wellness journey in 2018. What did you add or change that made the biggest impact on your health?

Happy holidays and the best to you in 2019!

Fall Detox Video

Fall Detox Video