Are you an emerging paleo, primal, or real food company? I've been in the Paleo world the past 6 years, live and teach the lifestyle, and I'm also a trained chef. Let me guide you in your product development. I know the audience you're trying to reach. EMAIL ME for more info. 

Let me paint a picture for you:

I was at Whole Foods the other day and a young man was offering samples of an energy bar. I was about to blow right by when he said the words, “it’s Paleo.” I stopped in my tracks and made a beeline for his table. I was about to take a sample, when my nutritionist instincts kicked in and I picked up a bar and took a look at the ingredients list. Guess what? Not paleo. Corn and soy was on the ingredient list. I informed the guy that his bars were in fact, not Paleo. He said, Really? My boss said I could use that term.” He was very polite and said, “Thank you for the feedback.” Just like that, I will never trust that company again or buy its products. There are just too many choices out there and I no longer trust this brand. 
What if that company had done the research to find out what Paleo really means? What if they had taken the time to find out about this growing market with plenty of money to spend? The Paleo customer is dying for convenient solutions for their lifestyle. Grab and Go snacks, meals, restaurants with Paleo items, any sort of grain-free, dairy-free, refined-sugar free option lights us up and makes us jump for joy! We’re ecstatic to open our wallets and support of brand that understands us.  --Karen

"In January of 2014, Paleo On The Go was not even two years old and as a new pretty new company we were looking for a strong candidate to help us with several tasks within the company. Since it is our mission to offer the best quality, authentic paleo meals, we were looking for someone who was equally as knowledgeable and experienced in nutrition as they were in cooking.  We were looking for someone that could collaborate, innovate, be on board with the big picture, and bring new ideas to the table. 

Through research online we found a great match in Karen Rylander from Go Primal By Karen.  She helped us to stay at the forefront of developing nutritional advances, and up to date with the latest information in the paleo/real food community, helped us develop new products, consulted on the overall plan for the entire menu so that it was well rounded and balance, and developed a standard of authenticity and quality for the company to stay within.  Karen helped train the kitchen staff to properly carry out our mission.  As our production increased and staff grew, Karen assured that the quality of our products adhered to her strict standards.  

 Karen was an integral member of our team that we searched for and found at a critical time in our business.  She helped us out for a full six months and primed our company to experience awesome growth. 

Thanks Karen, 

We miss you!

Dave Rohde  CEO Paleo On The Go, LLC"